Important Tournament Information

On-Court Coaching Policies and Procedures:

  • All players must register their nominated coaches during Main Draw registration or at the Tournament Desk prior to taking court for their first match

  • Please review the ITF On-Court Coaching Protocols.

  • For more information on the On-Court Coaching policies, please review the F.A.Q.


Procedure

Qualifying (16’s & 18’s)

  • Registration: Friday, March 29, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

  • Competition: Saturday, March 30 –Sunday, March 31


Main Draw - Singles (16’s & 18’s)

  • Registration: Sunday, March 31, 12:00 – 6:00 PM

  • Competition: Monday, April 1 – Sunday, April 7

  • 16’s Singles tentatively scheduled to complete Saturday, April 6


Doubles – 16’s

  • Registration close: Sunday, March 31, 6:00 PM

  • Competition: Monday, April 1 – Saturday, April 6


Doubles – 18’s

  • Registration close: Monday, April 1, 12:00 PM

  • Competition: Tuesday, April 2 – April 6


Qualifying Sign-in Location: Dignity Health Sports Park Tennis Courts

Main Draw Registration Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Carson 


Please note that all players in qualifying (qualifying accepted players, qualifying alternates and any on-site alternates that which to be considered in the event of vacancies) must sign-in during the hours of 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Friday, March 29th.  Main draw players do not have to sign-in, but they must register and pay their entry fee prior to competition. Players must bring cash for the entry fee and a state-issued photo ID.


16's Entry Fee: $80

18's Entry Fee: $65

Fact Sheet


I want to enter the tournament, what do I need to do?
This event has two different entry methods.  For the 18's all of the entries are handled by the ITF in London. Players must sign up for an IPIN account and enter with their IPIN. For the 16's players must enter here: 

Players in the 16's division need an IPIN number so they must obtain an IPIN but you should not try to enter on the IPIN screen because that is only for the 18's.
Will everyone that signs up for the event get into the event?
No, players must enter by the entry deadline.  The ITF in London will create the acceptance list for the18's usually by Wednesday following the entry deadline.  The 16's acceptance list should be posted by Friday following the acceptance deadline.  Players will be accepted into with the main draw (MD), qualifying (Q) or they will be listed as alternates (A).
How are selections made for this event?
For the 18's ITF division players are selected by ITF Ranking. This is performed by the ITF in London and the USTA has no say over the order of the players on the list.  Usually, the cutoff for the main draw is around 250-500 ITF Ranking.  Qualifying selection are based on ITF Ranking and if there are spots remaining the ITF uses the Top 200 list. 
18 Selection Procedure

  • Qualifying (18's): 64 draw (56 direct, 8 wild cards)

  • Main Draw (18’s):  64 draw (46 direct, 2 special exempt, 8 wild cards, 8 qualifiers)

For the 16's division, players will be selected by ITF Ranking, followed by the 16's National Standing List (Combined). The qualifying for the 16's is limited to 32 players and usually all of those players from the standing list.  Players from foreign countries will be considered into main draw or qualifying based on strength of player record (National & International results.)
16's Selection Procedure

  • Qualifying (16's): 32 draw (26 direct, 6 wild cards)

  • Main Draw (16’s): 48 draw (32 direct, 2 Special Exempt, 6 wild cards, 8 qualifiers)

If I'm an alternate do I have no chance of getting into the event?
No, not necessarily. At ITF 18's events players are allowed to enter multiple tournaments and so the acceptance lists change a lot until the withdrawal deadline.  Players who are alternates and qualifiers should check the list online or in their IPIN account to see if their status has changed.  16 and under players should check the tournament website for updates.  In addition, players who are alternates can come sign-in during qualifying registration.  If players fail to arrive by the registration deadline then alternates will be accepted based on their order on the alternate list.
I have noticed that there are players that are ranked below me on the usta 18's national ranking above me on the acceptance list. Why did that happen?
All of the acceptance lists are done by the ITF in London for the 18's division. They do not look at USTA National Ranking in doing acceptances.  They look at ITF ranking followed by the USTA Top 200 list.  This list includes results from 14's, 16's and 18's.  After the Top 200 list is used then everyone after the 200 names are sorted randomly by the ITF.

Do I have to stay at the Tournament Hotel to get hospitality reimbursement (18's)?
No, a player can stay at any hotel. 18's Main Draw players will be reimbursed up to $77.37/night (based off double occupancy at the Tournament Hotel - DoubleTree) through the night of their elimination from the tournament.  Officially nominated Federation coaches will receive the full rate of $152.73/night for hospitality reimbursement. Players must bring a copy of their hotel bill to the tournament desk at the end of the event in order to receive their reimbursement.


Where will breakfast, lunch and dinner be provided during the Main Draw?

18's Main Draw players will be provided meal vouchers by the tournament. Breakfast and dinner will be located at the Tournament Hotel (DoubleTree by Hilton), and it is necessary that you give the restaurant staff your meal voucher, otherwise, you will be charged. Lunch will be available on-site at the tennis center. Meal vouchers are also required for lunch, and there will be food available for purchase for 16's & Under participants, parents and tournament guests. 


Do I get hospitality reimbursement for the 16s division?

No, players in the 16s division are not provided food and hotel hospitality. 

I have my doubles partner do I email the tournament director?
No at ITF events the players will sign in for doubles during main draw registration. 

Is there a backdraw? 
No there is not a backdraw for the 16's and 18's divisions.  All ITF events are single elimination events.  Players in the main draw are encouraged to sign up for doubles. 
Acceptance Procedure
18's division-The ITF receives and accepts all of the players for this division.  They use ITF rankings for accepting main draw and qualifying players (they also consider ATP and WTA Rank for acceptances).  They then use the top 200 list for each country (please note the USTA top 200 list is different than national ranking).  Then all players are drawn randomly.  For the specific details for the acceptance procedures go to and click on rules and regulations. 
16's division-The USTA accepts these players.  We use ITF ranking first followed by Country National Rankings.  For the USA, we use USTA 16's National Seeding and Selection List.  We will use the most updated national ranking list at the time of acceptance.
ITF and USTA National Points
This is an ITF Grade 1 event for the 18's division.  The 18's division is the only division to receive ITF points.
The 16's and 18's division both receive USTA Level 1 points.  (SCTA players also receive level 1 points in their section)


  • 16's - 48 Main Draw and 32 Qualifying Draw (8 players qualify)

  • 18's - 64 Main Draw and 64 Qualifying Draw (8 players qualify)


Lucky Losers
Lucky Losers shall be selected as follows: Those players who lost in the last round of qualifying. Players with an  ITF junior ranking shall be randomly drawn and ordered first, thereafter the order of the unranked players shall be randomly drawn.
Lucky Losers should look at the bottom of the schedule each night to see what time they must sign-in.
ITF rules will be used.  Please note some rules are different from USTA rules
All main draw singles and doubles matches will be chaired (weather permitting).  There will be roving officials for qualifying matches. According to ITF rules the chair umpire will make all of the line calls.  Players should be prepared to play every ball. 


**Off-Site Practice Court Options**

Billie Jean King Tennis Center

1040 Park Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90804

(562) 238-8509 - Call for availability

Price: $9/hr. before 4pm; $14/hr. after 4pm


El Dorado Tennis Center

2800 North Studebacker Rd

Long Beach, CA 90815

(562) 425-0553 - Call for availability

Price: $9/hr. before 4pm; $14/hr. after 4pm


Lakewood Tennis Center

4212 Clubhouse Dr.

Lakewood, CA 90712

(562) 496-3530 - call for availability

Prices vary


Anderson Park

19101 South Wilmington Ave

Carson, CA 90746

4 courts, no reservations required


Dolphin Park

21205 Water St.

Carson, CA 90745

2 courts, no reservations required


Victoria Park

419 East 192nd St

Carson, CA 90746

2 courts, no reservations required


YourGameFace will be providing action photos and posters by APPOINTMENT. SIGN-UP early to schedule your match to be photographed. CALL to schedule 214-543-5437.


Tournament Director:

Tournament Supervisor: 404-820-7078